Extrusion lines for the production of GRANULES

Bausano produces extrusion lines suitable for production of granules for subsequent moulding, extrusion or calendering, starting from virgin or recycled material. These lines are fully customisable and highly efficient at any production output, thanks to the innovative extruders of the MB Plus line and the wide range of Bausano modular accessories for every kind of application. Ease of use and time saving for maintenance and cleaning have been our goals during the study and design of our granulation lines.

The characteristics of the granule lines


Our lines allow producing granules different in colour, size and material that can be used in a number of fields for production of profiles and products of different types.

  • coloured and transparent granules for rigid and flexible profiles;
  • granules for the medical field;
  • reclaimed granules from recycled material;
  • granules for wpc;
  • granules for industrial products.

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Designed to meet a number of different needs, the Bausano extrusion lines for granules are able to process several types of plastic materials:

  • PVC, CPVC, PE, PP;
  • TPR, TPE, TPU;
  • polymers of non-petrochemical origin, bio-based or biodegradable and wpc.

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The Bausano granulation system consists of an air or water cutter depending on the type of material being processed. The cut granule is conveyed through stainless steel pipes up to the cooler where a cooled cyclone with double air gap separates air and fumes. Furthermore, a range of water jet front cut products is available to meet the cutting needs of polyolefin materials.

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Explore the characteristics of our extrusion lines for the production of granules


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