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Technology for special applications

From the very beginning, we have given up any reasoning in terms of standards, and constantly opened ourselves up to renewal with enthusiasm, a desire to improve and with our mind always turned towards the future. This has led us to overcome our limits, developing pioneering solutions over time capable not only of increasing the efficiency of the machines, but also of improving the working conditions of people. Today, the challenge is sustainability. A difficult, urgent challenge that affects everyone, especially those working in this industry.

Integrated control for industry 4.0

With the technology in our extrusion lines, we want to offer effective solutions and all the tools necessary to grow in a conscious and responsible manner.

E-GO Profile

E-GO for Profiles
Single Screw Series

The precision and versatility of our E-GO single-screw extruders allow processing different type of materials for the production of technical profiles that are strong, durable and excellent also from an aesthetic point of view.

E-go Pipe

E-GO for Pipes
Single Screw Series

Thanks to the E-GO single-screw it is possible to manufacture pipes for a great number of applications in various industries: from construction to medical and automotive sector.


Technology for special applications

Powerful, compact and cutting-edge