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Efficiency, power and sustainability

The quality of a profile, tube or any thermoplastic product is given by the quality of the extrusion line that generated it. That's why for our Twin Screw Extruders and Compounding Machines there are no secondary details and every aspect, from mechanics to electronics, must be designed and manufactured with the custom care.

Screw geometry designed to improve efficiency; transmission system capable of reducing torque effort to a quarter improving performance and extending the life of the system latest generation motors and a valuable, intuitive tools for analyzing consumption. Elements that translate into more production and energy efficiency. Advantages that make our lines the safest and most innovative solutions in the field of extrusion.
Born from Bausano experience and the ongoing research of increasingly performing technologies and solutions, the new MD Plus and Nextmover extruders for plastic materials improve line productivity and reduce costs and energy consumption.

Innovation, step by step


Multidrive System

A revolutionary solution, which offers better performance, reduces the risk of failure due to excessive stress on the mechanical parts and guarantees greater durability than traditional single-motor systems. Bausano twin-screw extruders are equipped with the innovative patented MULTIDRIVE 4x2 drive system, designed and produced to eliminate torsional stress on the control shafts and split stress and transmitted torque.

Smart Energy System

The barrel is heated without contact by means of an alternating electromagnetic field: a faster and more efficient method, which guarantees top performance, reducing component wear and energy consumption up to 35%. Bausano Smart Energy System is designed for the optimisation of production processes with a view to sustainable development, respecting people and the environment.

I.E.4 Motors

Always looking for more efficient solutions, Bausano provides the option to install on the extruders the latest I.E.4 motors generation. Extremely compact and dynamic, the I.E.4 motors offer higher performance than the standard ones, ensuring excellent efficiency throughout the speed and load range and further reducing energy consumption.

Digital Extruder Control 4.0

Designed to monitoring of the entire system, this control system measures all energy flows, allowing you to verify consumption with absolute precision, at any time of the production cycle. Simple, safe and precise monitoring thanks to the new and powerful PLC with 15 or 21 inch capacitive multitouch panoramic screen.