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The importance of using a Bausano extruder over time

In the industrial markets, to amortize the investment made, it is vital to use a machine to its full potential. Bausano extruders can help.

Getting the most out of it means carrying out constant maintenance, replacing worn parts so that performance remains constant over time, but above all for as long as possible.
As is also the case in the automotive market, this is not always possible: even industrial plants become obsolete at some point, the parent company no longer manufactures them and they are no longer serviced or supplied with spare parts.
This does not happen at Bausano!
Bausano extruders are renowned worldwide for their increased sturdiness and life cycle duration due to the patented Multidrive system that reduces stress on mechanical parts and consequent wear.
But that's not all!
A Bausano extruder that will be 40–45 years old in 2021 is a machine whose service and, more importantly, spare parts are still guaranteed.

A Bausano extruder manufactured in 1975 is still a highly valuable extruder on the market!

When weighing up all the benefits of one extruder against another to gauge an investment, remember the importance of using the machine over time and eventually reselling it.

You will discover the difference a Bausano extruder makes.