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Remote FAT of a line for the extrusion of medical tubes

To assist customers in the resumption of business, Bausano & Figli SpA are offering a support package for the start-up and testing of production systems.
This entails acceptance tests (remote FAT, Factory Acceptance Test) and the ability to set up a real remote start-up service (SAT, Site Acceptance Test), making the most of the opportunities of 4.0 technologies along with the best skills in the company and at the customer’s site.

This is how Bausano carried out testing for a Russian customer on a line with a single-screw extruder of the E-GO series, for the production of medical tubes in flexible PVC in varying sizes. Sensors, cameras and augmented reality transformed the technical acceptance of the systems remotely.
During the remote FAT and SAT testing, the customer experience is total: audio, video connections and extraction of data from the machines in real time allow for quick and efficient interaction, guaranteeing fast results and customer satisfaction. This is how Bausano is preparing for the post-Covid-19 phase, where virtual assistance will increasingly be a key element in the design, start-up and after-sales support phases.

The company will also support customers through a virtual consultancy and maintenance service to identify possible problems and offer the required assistance in repeating the start-up of machinery. All this will be done through Acty, the new Bausano application that allows for the remote assistance for the customer in all phases of the process. And so, following the initial SAT (site acceptance test) experiences in the field, Bausano now sends a message to the market: that we will work together on the best practices to be followed to accelerate the recovery, enhancing the best skills and know-how in the company and of its customers throughout the world.