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Extru-dinary energy efficiency with plastic extruders

Energy costs are a major item on the balance sheets of plastics manufacturers. In the current climate, the management of these expenses is vital to maintain competitiveness in the market. However, controlling energy costs should not compromise the functionality and efficiency of the production processes.
The extruder itself is the main energy-consuming component for a company producing plastic products. Designed by our team of technicians, the new series of MD NEXT-MOVER extruders offers a package of innovations, including plastic extruder energy efficiency, setting it apart in the field of plastic granule, profile and tube production technology.
The last five years at Bausano have been transformational, as the company has undergone a massive renewal. Fully aware that the plastics industry is at a crossroads, Bausano has evolved, investing in innovative, safer and more sustainable materials and technologies.

Extraordinary plastic extruders

Bausano has the expertise to produce a fully customisable range of plastic extruders for a variety of sizes, applications and materials. Extruders from Bausano can be designed to manufacture anything from pipes to windows, to pellets and specialised devices like medical tubes. A broad range of plastic and food materials can be processed, including PVC, HDPE, pet food or even grain-based foods.
With our technology, we can design versatile machinery for the manufacture of mainly five product categories: granules, medical products (tube, bag and sheet), profiles and tubes. Last but not least is the processing of special materials, such as WPC, made from wood and plastic.
Alongside the impressive range of customisable plastic extruders, what sets Bausano apart from the competition is its underlying philosophy. The company sees itself as an ally to all its customers, always looking for ways to help.
Bausano’s new NEXT MOVER range focuses on plastic extruder energy consumption, which is managed by the DIGITAL EXTRUDER CONTROL system 4.0. This measures all the energy used, presenting the operator with elaborate graphs and tables that allow customers to verify their exact energy consumption during the production process.
According to data, the NEXT MOVER extruders deliver energy savings of around 30–35%. These efficiencies are achieved as a result of the Bausano induction barrel heating system (patent pending) and the patented Multidrive gearbox.

Next-generation plastic extruders

Further innovations are in development at Bausano, such as the next-generation E-GO R extruder, designed for recycling and repelletising post-industrial and post-consumer waste. This recyclable material can include HDPE, LDPE and PP. 
Where the regeneration of plastics plays an increasingly central role, making use of specifically designed solutions becomes an essential prerequisite to reap maximum benefits. At Bausano, in addition to customising extrusion lines according to the application and our customers’ needs, we also aim to guarantee the highest quality performance at every single stage of the process, thanks to our in-house design and development department. This expanded contribution to recycling plastic is only part of the transformed company. Bausano understands that today, the environmental and social impact of business is wrapped up in how customers view a company.
Values such as environmental, social and economic sustainability are already an integral part of our culture. In fact, over the years, projects and problems have always been addressed from a Triple Bottom Line perspective, that is, by analysing critical issues and benefits in those three main areas of sustainability.
Bausano has committed to actively contribute to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda by working towards some of the UN’s 17 goals. Thematically, Bausano’s declared goals match the environmental, social and economic values. These commitments include responsible consumption and production, decent work and economic growth and taking climate action.

Evolution and growth – plastic extruders and beyond

As the market evolves to embrace sustainability, so too does Bausano, whose machines help customers reduce energy costs. The Smart Energy System that lowers energy consumption by up to 35% is a key step in this process. This contactless barrel heating system utilises an alternating electromagnetic field generated by special coils lining the barrel and produces movement of the magnetic field, in turn generating heat. The result is faster and more uniform heating of the barrel and thus of the processed material.
Likewise, Bausano’s expertise with polyolefin recycling and PVC regranulation ensures the company is strongly positioned within the evolving market. To further sustain its role as a market-leader, the Bausano R&D department is expanding the range of extrusion lines for pipes.
Engaging with the current trend for digitisation and Industry 4.0, Bausano is developing the Orquestra software, a centralised control system that allows continuous and real-time monitoring of plastic extruder machine performance. 

The way these systems guarantee increasingly high levels of efficiency is an example of how Bausano is responding to these new needs within the industry. These levels are aligned in terms of sustainability which, in its several forms, plays an increasingly central role for our business, an area where Bausano is already a precursor. Every day, the Bausano team constantly seeks out useful ideas for the future. Numbers, turnover and market shares are only one aspect of these ambitions. For us, the most important thing is how can we help our customers.