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Extrusion lines
for WPC profiles and granules

With Bausano POLYWOOD technology, it is possible to obtain profiles composed of natural fiber up to 80%, with features that make them better than wood in terms of reliability, performance and production costs. Bausano also produces systems for the manufacture of WPC granules, which in turn can be transformed in finished product through molding or extrusion.

Bausano builds extrusion lines suitable for the production of WPC granules with high-quality mechanical features, starting from renewable raw materials selected for environmental protection. These lines are fully customisable and highly efficient at any production output, thanks to the innovative extruders of the MD Series and the wide range of modular accessories. Ease of use and time saving for maintenance and cleaning are always our goals during the study and design of our granulation lines.


  • Versatile, can be processed like wood

  • Resistant

    Resistant to corrosion, weather and UV radiation

  • Termite-resistant


  • Cheaper than wood

    Cheaper than wood

  • appeal equal to wood

    Aesthetic appeal equal to wood, also in finishings

  • not require large-scale maintenance

    Does not require large-scale maintenance or special treatments for laying

  • Excellent thermal insulator

    Excellent thermal insulator

  • Flame retardant

    Flame retardant


Do you have an extrusion project?

We gather data, analyse requests and take note of the needs and objectives of the customer both in the short and long term.


Application and Material

Cheap, resistant and completely recyclable, WPC represents a new frontier in the field of buildings and industry materials, with a variety of applications. WPC Profiles are used in common applications such as decking, furniture and kitchens.

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