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WPC Profiles

With Bausano POLYWOOD technology, it is possible to obtain WPC (wood plastic composite) profiles, composed of natural fiber up to 80%, with features that make them better than wood in terms of reliability, performance and production costs.

The market for composites obtained from natural fibres is experiencing significant growth thanks to the properties that make these materials unique in terms of versatility, reliability and environmental impact. Thanks to WPC profiles exceptional performance characteristics, in terms of high resistance to corrosion, atmospheric agents, UV rays and impermeability, they are ideal for outdoor application like flooring and especially decking. In fact, decking is and remains the number one among applications for WPC profiles across the manufacturing world.

Bausano’s extrusion lines have been perfected to incorporate up to 100 phr of wood or natural fibre. The specific counter-rotating twin-screw configuration makes it possible to achieve an accurate mixing between melted polymer and fibre, passing it through the mould without the need for a melting pump. Mixing the chosen polymer (PVC, PE, PLA or PP) with wood or natural fiber is an important part to reach a high quality end product.

Bausano’s technology for WPC profiles can directly extrude from the raw material, or the material can be processed starting from the pellets. Lastly, the lines are distinguished by the high degree of customisation, a wide range of modular accessories and a special coating are available on request.


Features of Bausano WPC profiles are:

  • High strength
  • Exclusive design
  • Fine finish
  • Longer life
  • Low maintenance

WPC of quality with Bausano extruders

The main feature of the Bausano twin-screw extruder is the ability to adapt perfectly to any technical requirement. The quality of the profiles depends on the quality of the extruders.

Other possible productions with a Bausano single screw extruder are Roller shutters, Edge protections and Skirting boards.


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