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Doors & Windows Profiles

Profile extrusion is the process of making continuous shapes of plastic, of various types and one of the major applications in the plastic industry, and for us, is the extrusion of doors and windows. For us the production process of doors and windows profile mainly includes a Bausano Twin screw extrusion process. The raw materials used in the processes are the mixed powder prepared in the previous process according to a certain formula. The Bausano Twin-screw extrusion process can be directly molded with powder, with large production capacity, especially suitable to produce large quantities of conventional profiles and large specifications of different profiles. Naturally, also pellets can be used to extrude profiles, like window and door profiles.

Doors & windows profile extrusion

Doors & Windows profiles are produced with a Twin Screw extruders. Materials generally used are PVC or WPC.

The quality of windows & doors profiles is assured with Bausano’s Extruders.

Extrusion of windows and doors profiles offers a versatile and efficient manufacturing solution for the construction industry. These profiles provide essential functions such as structural support, weather sealing, thermal insulation, and design versatility, contributing to the overall performance and aesthetics of buildings. With a wide range of material options and design possibilities, extruded profiles continue to be a preferred choice for windows and doors systems in residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects.


Plastic Window Profiles

Plastic Window Profiles had an increase in demand over the years because of the many advantages it offers respect to other materials, like aluminum or wood.  One of the most used plastics for window profiles, is PVC. A material that has some interesting key factors that makes it perfect for window frames.  PVC Window profiles and frames are the best in energy efficiency, because of the thermal insulation capacity. PVC windows have good cost-benefit results, are termite-proof and not less important PVC windows have a long-lasting life, also thanks to its recyclability.

Plastic Door Profiles

Plastic door Profiles have a lot of advantages. They are easy to fit, long lasting, they do not corrode, and some materials are resistant to weather conditions. The most used material for plastic door profiles is also PVC, like for window profiles.


The materials most used for Window and door profiles are rigid and flexible PVC, and WPC. These resins offer a wide range of properties and are relatively low cost in comparison to other more complex resins. Rigid PVC profiles have good color stability, so it doesn’t need frequent painting, it is low cost, has good toughness and durability, it does not corrode and is used in many outdoor constructions, so it is suitable for window frames profiles and doors.
WPC profiles have high durability, specific strength, specific stiffness, and resistance to wear, so that makes WPC perfect for windows and door profiles, for internal and external use. All these materials and profiles are also recyclable for new end-products.  The attributes of each polymeric grade determine which material to use in different profile applications. Bausano studied all sorts of materials and application for window and doors plastic profiles, studying the mechanical properties and all sort of shapes for customized projects.

Profile Extruders

The MD Nextmover series, our twin-screw extruders, are the most suitable for door & windows profiles. Bausano systems also includes a support bench for calibration equipment and cooling of the extruded profile.

Other possible productions with a Bausano single screw extruder are Roller shutters, Edge protections and Skirting boards.


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