Extrusion lines for WPC

With Bausano POLYWOOD technology, it is possible to obtain profiles composed of wood powder up to 80%, with features that make them better than wood in terms of reliability, performance and production costs. Bausano also produces systems for the manufacture of WPC granules, which in turn can be transformed in finished product through moulding or extrusion.

The characteristics of the WPC lines


Cheap, resistant and completely recyclable, WPC represents a new frontier in the field of buildings and industry materials, with a variety of applications.

  • Decking & Flooring: coverings and waterproofing, interior and exterior flooring;
  • Wall Cladding: decorative coverings, expanded or otherwise;
  • Door & Door Frame: windows and solid, flush, folding or sliding doors;
  • Furniture: indoor furniture and furnishing accessories;
  • Garden Furniture: benches, tables and garden furniture.

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Raw materials

The term “WPC” (acronym for Wood Plastic Composite) refers to an entire family of products (profiles, laminates and granules) specifically produced with a mixture of polymers (PVC, PE or PP) and plant components (wood dust, but also rice husks, almond shells, etc.). Cheap, resistant and versatile, WPC represents a new frontier in the field of buildings and industry materials, with a variety of applications.


  • Plant components: wood dust, rice husks, vegetable waste and natural fibre in general.
  • Synthetic components: PVC, PE, PP, PLA.

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100% Recyclable

Composed of waste from other processes such as renewable raw materials and recovered polymers, POLYWOOD is one of the few environmentally-friendly materials with negligible environmental impact. Unlike mineral rubble, requiring an expensive disposal process, WPC is fully recyclable ad can be retransformed in a new product at low cost.

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Bausano brand machines

Explore the characteristics of our extrusion lines for the production of WPC


Other items of interest


For various applications in the construction, agriculture, medical and automotive sectors.



In PVC, bio-based WPC and reclaimed recycled materials, suitable for many applications in various sectors.



Doors, windows and frames for building and furnishing: versatile, solid and customisable according to production needs.



Medical pipe, pocket and sheet with smooth or embossed surface, in compliance with the quality standards of the medical sector.