Virtual Open Day - PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

Live test on MD 75/30 Twin Screw Extruder

Bausano has just launched a new series of in house designed pipe extrusion die heads. The decision was driven by shortcomings of existing technologies in meeting Bausano’ s requirements for quality, versatility and performance.

Designed for high extrusion output and to cover a production range from 63 to 110 mm, the optimized profile of the pipe head channels assures an even melt flow, low stress material load and excellent wall thickness distribution.

The performance of an extrusion line, gains definite advantages from the suitable design and correct use of calibrators and tanks. Calibrating plastic pipe has always been a challenge. Only a precise designing of the sleeves can optimize the production and to avoid sticking and therefore the tendency for chatter. Bausano designes pipes cooling tanks up to diameter 800 mm, and that represents a decisive variable for the efficiency of a production cycle, which is always more and more driven by quality and production speed.


  • Pipes Market 2021-2026 forecast
    Clemente Bausano - Vice President
  • Bausano Pipe Extrusion lines: different solutions and configurations for disparate production range
    Roberto Sardella - Technical Sales Manager
  • New Pipe Die Head Generation, Vacuum Calibration and Cooling tank Bausano technology
    Giorgio Critelli - Technical Sales Manager
  • Live Demostration on a Bausano Extruder
    Alessandro Ruotolo - Extrusion Test Manager
  • Q&A - Talk Show

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