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Biopolymers in the Existing
Postconsumer Plastics Recycling Stream


We believe that the way of conceiving the production and consumption of plastic must radically change if we want the cycle we are part of to be sustainable and replicable over time.
The cost of production and use of plastic products must not be evaluated simply in economic terms but now more than ever in terms of impact and therefore of environmental cost.

How did we interpret this need in Bausano?

A hygienic, healthy, washable, light and resistant material like plastic, but not plastic, doesn't exist anywhere.
And this is why Bausano has been promoting awareness campaigns for the recycling of plastic waste, in terms of working scraps and conscious disposal.
Bioplastic has become the undisputed protagonist of the green revolution, establishing itself as a potential material of the future.

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Andrea Arbarelli

Andrea Arbarelli

The Composite Material that turns scraps into value


Recycling has become more and more important in recent decades for both economical and environmental reasons. One of the most interesting solutions for the recovery of both plastic (PP, PE and PVC) and wood or agriculture residuals is WPC. This composite material could really be a good solution for entrepreneurs in the circular economy?

Giorgio Critelli

Giorgio Critelli

How can Industry 4.0 and Smart work coexist in the Plastic Industry?


Smart Working advantages for companies: lower operating costs: up to 30% savings on space, lower costs due to savings on business trips, meal vouchers and increased productivity: up to 20% combined with a decrease in absenteeism. Industry 4.0 advantages: Smart production, smart services like monitoring of production/maintenance in real time and predictive analysis, smart machines (increasingly performing systems).


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PVC Foam MD92


Counterotating Twin Screw Extruder MD 92/25 Nextomover configuration


We present our Counterotating Twin Screw Extruder MD 92/25 Nextomover configuration. We will show you the innovative Smart Energy Induction System applied on the extrusion barrel that has increased the quality and performance of our machines in terms of energy efficiency and process versatility in the transformation of different PVC formulations.