USA Virtual Open Day – PVC Flex Granulation Line

Live test on MD 125/25 Twin Screw Extruder

Our PVC Granulation Lines are the result of over 70 years of activity in the production of Twin Screw Extruders.
Strengthened by our long experience and motivated by the need t o satisfy the increasingly sophisticated requests of our customers, we present our Counterotating Twin Screw Extruder MD 125/25 Nextomover configuration.

We will show you the innovative Smart Energy Induction System applied on the extrusion barrel that has increased the quality and performance of our machines in terms of energy efficiency and process versatility in the transformation of different PVC formulations.


  • Increase the productivity and decrease energy consumptions on the extruders. The Bausano proposal for the USA and CANADA plastic market.
    Clemente Bausano – Vice President
  • Extrusion lines: different solutions and configurations for disparate production range
    Gianmarco Palladino – Technical Sales Manager
  • Multidrive and Smart Energy Induction System
    Giorgio Critelli – Technical Sales Manager
  • Live Demostration on a Bausano Extruder
    Alessandro Ruotolo – Extrusion Test Manager
  • Q&A

Immersive event based on Excellent Technology
with a focus on Sustainability