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Smart extruders for composite materials - Bausano’s technology for Wood Plastic Composite extrusion

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), composed of a mixture of polymers (PVC, PE, PLA or PP) and wood dust or fibres of vegetable origin, opens up a new frontier, especially in the construction and street furniture sectors, thanks to its better versatility, reliability and lower production costs compared to wood. In this sense, it is estimated that the global WPC market will reach 5.84 billion dollars by the end of 2021, with a CAGR of 12.4% in the five-year period from 2016–2021*. One of the main factors driving growth is the considerable demand in the residential sector: WPC is, in fact, an elegant solution for coatings, furniture and flooring and especially decking, thanks to its high resistance and impermeability, combined with an aesthetic appeal equivalent to natural wood. Additionally, wood plastic composite materials are increasingly used in the production of particularly light automotive components, which help to reduce the weight of vehicles. WPC is 100% recyclable and it also helps to limit deforestation, since the wood used in the extrusion processes for its production is usually derived from waste from the furniture industry.
With expertise gained in over 70 years of activity, Bausano offers wood plastic composite extrusion lines for profiles and granules that can incorporate up to 100phr of wood or natural fibre.

Bausano POLYWOOD wood plastic composite extrusion lines

Bausano’s POLYWOOD technique, which is constantly being enhanced year after year, can be used in two types of processes:

  • DIRECT WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE EXTRUSION: the possibility of extruding the profile directly from the raw material;
  • INDIRECT WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE EXTRUSION: the possibility of processing the material starting with the granule.

The latest-generation extruders in Bausano’s MD Nextmover series are high-performance extruders with standout features including intelligent remote control and an intuitive human-machine interface, as well as a wide range of modular accessories.
A successful example is our collaboration with an important European company that specialises in the production of furniture. The manufacturer approached Bausano in order to obtain WPC profiles from the recovery of its wood waste.
Developed by Bausano’s in-house team of engineers, the project involved the installation of an extrusion line for granules, designed ad hoc for the mixing of PVC dryblend with the sawdust obtained from production waste, and two plants for the extrusion of the finished product. The three lines were designed to be perfectly synchronised with each other and to be managed by a single control centre.

Industry 4.0 wood plastic composite extrusion

The use of Bausano’s innovative Orquestra software and IIoT Data Manager allows continuous and real-time monitoring of all production parameters, including material processing temperatures, which are particularly crucial in this specific application. In fact, with a mixture such as WPC, composed of natural fibre and plastic, it is critical to reach the gelling point of the processed material and keep it constant. The software simplifies the processing of this material and optimises the entire process by generating immediate reports, with easy-to-understand graphs regarding performance indicators.
Orquestra integrates all the components of the wood plastic composite extrusion system with the most advanced Industry 4.0 technologies, as well as intelligent diagnosis and predictive maintenance. This makes it possible to connect all the wood plastic composite extrusion machines in the field with the company management systems, such as ERP, MES and CRM, favouring automated production management. The collection, supply and analysis of raw data Orquestra allows end users to maximise the performance of the entire extrusion process of WPC, thanks to reliable and useful information that makes for a perfect end product and prevents any damage to the plant.

In a consolidated sector such as that of extrusion, Bausano has always been a proponent of continuous innovation, introducing new technological paradigms that are essential to guarantee high levels of competitiveness for producers of plastic and composite materials, such as WPC. The launch of Orquestra allows us to achieve important results: helping end users to constantly improve production performance, product quality and lead-time, thanks to long-term analysis of the parameters of our lines in operation.