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Which resins are suitable for the extrusion process?

After you’ve determined which material properties your part requires, you can begin your search for a resin.

Not all resins are suitable for the extrusion process, nor are all extruders suitable for your ideal resin.

As such, we strongly encourage you to collaborate with a raw material supplier and/or an experienced extruder for this step. They can make recommendations based on your design and part requirements, reducing the risk of costly tooling changes and part failure in the future.

Understanding Extrusion

The most widely used resins are included in the table below along with a corresponding rating for some of their critical material properties. These resins can also be enhanced with additives to better meet your required material properties.
Again, we strongly recommend that you consult with a material supplier or extruder to make the best selection for your unique part design and performance requirements.
plastic resin

Combining Materials

Bausano Extrusion Lines have the ability to extrude two or more materials through a process called co-extrusion, in which two materials merge together into a single profile before cooling. Each material used maintains its desired characteristics (such as stiffness, impermeability or environmental resistance). The result is a specific shape of constant cross section to be used as specific products, assembly components or as raw stock material for further processing.
Dual-density co-extrusion: to achieve a dual-hardness density co-extrusion with both rigid and flexible properties, two machines are used to feed two different materials through the same die. Co-extrusion allows for rigid profiles to have flexible lips or flaps or for two rigid profiles to be joined by a flexible hinge.
Two-color co-extrusion: it is possible to combine two different colors in the same extrusion or to produce a two-color extrusion with a dominant color and a stripe in a second color.
In conclusion, the key to a successful extrusion is to create harmony between profile design, material and extrusion line features.