Bausano: extrusion lines and solutions for the world of plastics

  • Advanced technology

    Advanced technology

    Bausano is above all synonymous with technological innovation. We devote time and attention to the care of every slightest detail in our products, to reach the maximum efficiency and ensure reliability in the long term.

  • Customisation


    The key to success of our products is customisation: from electric or electronic to mechanical components, from touch-screen monitors to appearance of elements and lines, everything is shaped around the special needs of the customer.

  • In-house production

    In-house production

    We do everything in-house: from component drawing to line assembly, every step is managed internally by our highly skilled staff, undergoing continuing training.

  • Made in Italy

    Made in Italy

    What better guarantee than an Italian company that sells extrusion lines all over the world? The quality of our products and services is our business card.

Our extrusion lines

Bausano extruders are designed to ensure that companies operating in the plastic sector have high performance, low energy consumption, durability and versatility.

MDPlus & NEXT-MOVER twin-screw extruders

Born from Bausano experience and on-going research of technologies and solutions with constantly increasing levels of performance, the new MD Plus extruders for plastic materials improve line productivity and reduce costs and energy consumption.

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E-GO Single-screw Extruders

Simplicity, moderate initial investments and excellent versatility for a wide range of projects.


End-of-line accessories

Each line is modular and customisable in every detail thanks to Bausano accessories and machines: the best technology to ensure high productivity and consistent performance over time.

  • Accessories for pipe lines
  • Accessories for granule lines
  • Accessories for profile lines
  • Accessories for medical lines


Multidrive System

Bausano twin-screw extruders are equipped with the innovative patented MULTIDRIVE 4x2 drive system, designed and produced to eliminate torsional stress on the control shafts and split stress and transmitted torque. The system with two intermeshing and counter-rotating screws ensures high durability and optimum performance for any extrusion line.

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