Discover the new PIPE EXTRUSION design department

Opening a new pipe extrusion design unit

Bausano is really pleased to have introduced this new design office and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

The organization will be divided into the following business divisions:
PVC Pipe Extrusion design HDPE/LDPE/PE/PP Pipe Extrusion Lines design area.

The video event includes a visit to the new company spaces, the areas dedicated to Research and Development, Training, Production and also the test of a new Extrusion Line based on MD Twin Srews Extruder producing 114mm pipes.

The Pipe Extrusion Line design focus on some pillars:
• Ensure proper polymer flow in the die head channels
• Ensure proper mixing and homogenisation of polymer
• Ensure adequate weight and compactness of design of the extrusion head
• Protect the surfaces of the flow channels against aggressive impact of the melt
...and more.

Find out which are them!


  • Bausano opens the doors to its heart and future in PIPE extrusion
    Yuri D’Agostino – Event manager
  • Designers of machinery are individuals who use their talents to solve user-product problems on an on-going basis
    Giovanni Bausano – Head of Desing Department
  • New Pipe Die Head Generation
    Mario Chiapetto – Pipe head Designer
  • Vacuum Calibration and Cooling tank Bausano technology
    Simone Reale – Pipe Downstream Designer
  • 114mm Pipe Extrusion Line Demostration on a Bausano Extruder
    Christian Folino – Extrusion Expert

Immersive event based on Excellent Technology
with a focus on Sustainability