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The Future Formula is called Resysta

The Future Formula is called Resysta

Owing to its unique formula, Resysta surpasses its natural model wood in all aspects: Resysta. The better wood. And the the partnership with Resysta is a very important goal for us!!

With Water, Resysta is in its Element

Resysta is absolutely wood free. Owing to its component of rice husks, which do not absorb any water, this material is consequently also water resistant. With all these special characteristics Resysta withstands weather influences like rain, snow or even salt water. Moreover, Resysta is swell-, crack- and splinter-free – this we guarantee for 15 years.

100% Wood Free

Already today, Resysta meets tomorrow’s technical and ecological demands. Owing to its water resistance and sustainability, completely new designs are possible. The fibre reinforced hybrid material is composed of 60% rice husk, 22% common salt and 18% mineral oil, which makes it environmentally friendly on the one hand, as well as extremely weather resistant against rain, snow or salt water on the other hand.

One Material, Endless Possibilities.

Water resistant, sustainable and almost identical to tropical wood – all these characteristics open a variety of possibilities in applying Resysta. Outdoor furniture, floor coverings and decks of ships are just the beginning. Further examples, where Resysta can be applied in future are house facades, wellness areas and dashboards. However the future will look like – it is made with Resysta.

A Long Alliance

Resysta has been constantly tested in different climatic zones for more than 10 years. Architects, city and landscape planners as well as hoteliers (Shangri-La, Four Season and many more) are convinced. Resysta passes the test!
For Bausano the partnership with Resysta is a very important goal, considering the excellent quality of the material in question, which guarantees perfect extruded products and, from the point of view of the resistance of the profiles and sheets, advantages that are – to say the least – remarkable.

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