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Rigid PVC Granulation Line- MD 92/30

Do you need to produce compounds in large quantity? Our new granulation line meets your need. Let's have look at our MD 92/30 PVC Granulation Line.

Product Description:

PVC pellet line production is used to compounding pelletizing hard PVC granules which will be used as raw material for single screw extruding system, such as PVC injection molding machine, rigid PVC product so on.
PVC pellet line production including a Bausano MD 92/30 twin screw extruder, pelletizer, air cooling system and vibration sieve.

Working process and Specifications:

PVC powder → Plastic mixer →Plastic extruder→ extrusion mould → pelletizer→ aircooling system →vibrating sieve(optional)→Storage Bin.
Product capacity:150-800kg/h

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