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CareReady Mobile Diagnostic

A key moment for breast cancer prevention. A day dedicated to women who choose to take care of themselves.

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CareReady Mobile Diagnostic

Our project was created with a clear mission: to offer free breast cancer prevention, to a high-risk age group. All this is made possible thanks to the presence of a state-of-the-art mobile clinic and in collaboration with Welfacare and the Prevention Association. 
This is the “CareReady Mobile Diagnostic” event scheduled for December 2021, during which diagnostic examinations are carried out complete with a report. The initiative provides free access to the service for all women resident in our municipality and registered for the initiative.

Wishing you a Merry 2021 Christmas Bausano gifts a space dedicated to the prevention at zero cost

The concept is totally new and offers a free service to women who choose to take care of themselves, giving themselves a space dedicated to prevention at no cost, in total safety and certainly innovative. The Mobile Clinic is equipped with outpatient facilities and the latest technological tools (digital mammography, portable ultrasound, reporting workstation, teleradiology tools), enabling all clinical and instrumental breast diagnostic examinations to be carried out for the early diagnosis of breast tumours.

The open-air event is scheduled for 6 December 2021 and will last the whole day. Waiting for you will be the “pink” mobile clinic, equipped with the necessary technical equipment and run by a team of medical and health personnel. A new way of carrying out a medical examination that combines the professionalism of a specialised team with an itinerant location offering a preventive service in full compliance with anti-Covid regulations.

Agenda 2030 and Bausano's commitment

Agenda 2030 e l'impegno di Bausano

Ever since it started out back in 1946, Bausano has always believed in the close synergy between business and society and has sought to enhance the internal and external environment. Over the years, this has allowed us to become a company that people want to work for and partner with. For this reason, Bausano has decided to make a commitment to actively contribute to the 2030 Agenda by working towards some of the 17 goals, namely those most consistent with the company’s business.

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