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Choosing to consume certified renewable energy

The Bausano Green Story


A project implemented in partnership with ForGreen Spa.
One of the most important costs affecting a company's turnover is energy and we wondered if it would be possible to save money while doing something good for the environment.
Today more than ever, the industrial manufacturing sector's energy consumption represents a large percentage of the total energy consumption of our countries. Production machinery, plant lighting and heating systems and industrial refrigeration systems are just some of the items that contribute to raising the load curve, especially when there are obsolete and inefficient systems in the company. By choosing ForGreen, we have also chosen to do our bit in the field of energy sustainability.

What actions can lead a business like yours to be sustainable in a concrete and profitable way?

Every day, our team is always looking for useful ideas for the future. We have great ambitions. Numbers, turnover and market share are only a part of these ambitions.
So, we asked ourselves: besides the daily search for new business opportunities, what could really make a difference to us? We soon came up with the answer: cutting costs for us and our customers and seeking maximum efficiency with reduced environmental impact.

Apart from the consumption of renewable energy, in what other ways have you incorporated 'sustainability' into your business model?

Every day, we work to improve the quality and raise the technological level of our machines. We care about our customers and our goal is to help them execute their business projects. Our goal is to solve their day-to-day problems by producing more efficient machines.
In each of the four continents of the world where we operate, there is a pressing need to reduce energy consumption and this is what our technical department focuses on when designing the extrusion lines.

In 2018, we developed a new cylinder heating system that uses the induction principle. The tests we carried out, both in the laboratory and on machines already on the market, revealed that the induction system reduces energy consumption by more than 30%.
We are also very committed to raising awareness of reducing waste and recovering plastics. We have designed extrusion lines dedicated to achieving this goal, with a focus on recycling urban waste.

Starting a recycling process is not only good for the environment but also for business. Awareness of recycling is a great benefit to businesses, both large and small companies, as the consumption of green products increases. It is important for companies to be attentive to sustainability and environmental protection, it opens up new markets and motivates employees by stimulating the whole company to achieve a socially beneficial objective.

Do you communicate your sustainability choices to your customers? How do you do this?

We are in an increasingly sensitive period in history regarding the conscious use of plastics. By producing machinery for plastic production, we are motivated to develop environmental awareness aimed at reusing plastics and promoting energy-saving production. So, for us at Bausano, promoting such savings means encouraging and improving performance while respecting the environment and people. We communicate our values and our commitment every day through social media, during "Open Doors" events, but above all with a concrete commitment that our customers appreciate every day.