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Social responsibility and sustainable business: in conversation with the management

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to grow and evolve, and many enterprises and organizations invest energy to create new and innovative tools that make it easy to enable positive change.
Bausano chose to support the “CareReady Mobile Diagnostic” day, the free screening initiative for breast cancer prevention, which was held in Rivarolo (Turin, Italy) on December 6, 2021.
We have explained this project in detail on our Social Responsibility page.
Below is an interview with Valentina Bausano, CFO of Bausano & Figli S.p.A, to reveal the reasons for this important choice.

Why did you choose to support this event dedicated to prevention, as part of your corporate social responsibility and sustainable business model?

Prevention must become a habitual, regular practice in everyone’s life because it is the basis of good health, awareness and self-care.
Particularly at a time like this, it is important to raise awareness of the importance of “health welfare.” The last few years have shown that no one, sadly, is immune to health problems. That is why prevention must take place continuously. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that we can no longer take anything for granted.

How important is corporate social responsibility and sustainable business for a region’s development and wellbeing?

It is important and very strategic. These are aspects that must go together. There can be no real and lasting business growth and evolution without promoting the development and wellbeing of the local community at the same time. The ethical value is, in fact, a determining factor in the company’s activity.
This is also why Bausano – despite being a company that has been able to expand internationally over the years by opening production and commercial offices all over the world – recognizes the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with the local area, with local institutions and with citizens.

What does corporate social responsibility and sustainable business mean to you? What does it mean to Bausano?

To me, it's the balance that all individuals and corporations must find between economic growth and the welfare of our society and planet. We each have a responsibility to hold ourselves accountable for our decisions and actions, and Bausano recognizes this. We know that as a corporation, we have an opportunity to make a significant impact in each of these areas and we’re committed to doing so.

What is the overall outcome you wish to see as a result of your corporate social responsibility and sustainable business activities?

When it comes to corporate social responsibility and sustainable business, it’s easy to feel as though Bausano is only a small piece of a much larger global scheme, so we have to focus on the little things, on the small wins. I hope to ultimately look back and see that we’ve made changes that positively impact our people and our environment.

If a company takes a social stand, what’s the No. 1 piece of advice they should follow?

Be authentic and take the steps to be sure that your company can live up to its commitment. The anticipated experience for employees, customers and/or members of the public needs to be embraced throughout the organization and behaviors must be aligned with the company’s word. When customers walk into a branch, there can be no inconsistencies with the rhetoric of HR or corporate communications – internal and external coherence must be applied. To build alignment and trust, companies must clearly communicate their position internally, build the competencies of their employees to meet expectations, align the brand and hold themselves accountable for consistently living out their commitment and their values in all aspects of the business.