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Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Standards in Pipe Extrusion  

Industrial production is entering into a new era and becoming a customisable production experience that is integrating new technologies, which aim to improve the sustainability and performance of modern industrial production facilities.
The Bausano Pipe Extrusion line makes use of a time-tested process, but with industry 4.0 – which refers to the use of modern IoT communication and integrated technologies – it is possible to improve production capacity. The smart factory defines a new approach to industrial manufacturing by using the most recent IoT and industrial connection technologies, which consist of smart sensors, advanced computing, predictive analytics and advanced concepts.

What is smart manufacturing and industry 4.0?

By “smart manufacturing”, we mean the collection and analysis of production data, to allow for new ways of managing industrial production lines as effectively as possible.


Orquestra 4.0 and pipe extrusion

There is specialist equipment and techniques for implementing Orquestra industry 4.0 standards in the Bausano Pipe Extrusion line, based on the E-GO Single-Screw Extruder. These technologies aim to connect, automate and expand the capabilities of quality control, manufacturing and product traceability, such as:

Smart quality control

Smart quality control machines continuously inspect and analyse newly manufactured products, feeding back data to management systems, leading to the improvement of all production processes.

Pipe dimensional characteristics

Industry 4.0 in pipe production lines includes pipe thickness inspection machines, with the precision required to identify thickness variations.

Remote technical support

Even properly maintained tools can experience faults, but remote technical support gives us an opportunity to intervene and replace the part.

Efficient preventive & corrective maintenance

Connected hardware aids in incident investigation and effective maintenance for common issues like a part that is worn down or prone to break down. The combination of historical data and live data, with specialist maintenance software, enables efficient line maintenance and servicing when it is actually required. 

Smart manufacturing and industry 4.0: Smart equipment automation & integration

The following advances have changed how machine manufacturers provide equipment support and take into account simple communication between downstream production line machines.

Advanced systems connectivity

Smart machines offer advanced integration options. This encourages easy communication for the machine, or even communication with upstream or downstream production line machines. The outcome is extruders and machines that are easy to integrate, automate and optimise flawlessly.

Connecting & data collection: Gravimetric feeder system

Industry 4.0 Bausano gravimetric feeder systems offer many more advantages as they are 100% digitally controlled so they require no calibration prior to operating.