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Massimiliano Fenili

Massimiliano Fenili takes on the position of new Technical Manager of Bausano

Today we have some great news to tell you.

Massimiliano Fenili will be joining us

He is a key figure in professional design and he will play a major role in helping us strengthen the Bausano know-how that we have invested in over the years. His entry into our company will leverage what we specialize in – highly customizable extrusion lines – thus making it possible for us to maintain and build on these skills.
As you may know, since 2019 we have been investing heavily in R&D and in building up our in-house expertise when it comes to developing the technology mentioned above and we can now safely say that, in this field, we are ahead of the game.
Massimiliano will be in charge of the whole department and his extensive experience in extrusion lines for pipes – specifically POLYOLEFIN ones – comes into play now that the market for pipe extrusion lines is booming.

Twice as efficient as in the past

By expanding the design team and setting up a dedicated department for designing extrusion lines for pipes, we will soon be able to become twice as efficient.
The market is extremely unpredictable these days, especially for companies exporting globally. This is why offering innovative technological solutions and a prompt and highly professional service is an absolute must for us.
We are delighted to help our clients to quickly and easily get in touch with both a team of technically savvy, highly qualified sales managers and a pool of technicians who can assist them in the process leading up to purchasing their system.
This can also be seen in emails, which are often written directly by our managers and will soon be written by Massimiliano too, so you will get the chance to appreciate his expertise and seniority.
Being innovative and adapting to new market demands in a flexible and dynamic way is our watchword, and all the more so today, as we now have Massimiliano on board.
So let’s give him a warm welcome.