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Is Induction Barrel Heating better?

Our testing on Smart Energy System has shown that it is not only much more efficient but also much more responsive. Spectacular energy savings, superior reliability and a much faster response than conventional heater bands are some of the advantages offered by a newly developed induction heating system.

SMART ENERGY SYSTEM applied to the barrel heating

The barrel heating system uses electromagnetic induction – a well-known principle used to heat large industrial furnaces, special machines for injection molding molten metal, thermoset molds and some Japanese hot-runner nozzles. However, it is a new concept for heating barrels of extruders. The system, introduced by Bausano, turns the steel barrel itself into a resistance heater by generating electrical eddy currents in the metal near the outer surface of the barrel tube. Those eddy currents are induced by electrical current passing through a cable wrapped in a continuous coil around the barrel but not touching it.
Although the initial cost is more than heater bands, an induction heating system pays for itself in several ways, depending on machine size.
Our measurements indicate that the heating efficiency of a ceramic band heater may be 10–15% higher. The remaining energy is wasted by radiation and convection to the surrounding environment. In contrast, induction heating radiation losses are minimized by the insulating sleeves, which rise to a temperature of around 60–70°C during operation.

The low-resistance induction barrel heating coils remain cool enough to touch

The induction barrel heating can pay for itself within 18 months in energy savings.
Potential savings at a later stage come from reduced wiring on new machines, less frequent replacement, savings due to a fewer number of spare heater bands in inventory, reduced downtime and improved product quality.