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Bausano MD170 Nextmover Configuration: PVC GRANULATION

Our lignin-based products offer possibilities to control and optimise extrusion process conditions.

PVC granulating line includes parallel twin screw extruder, die head cutting and hopper. PVC granule has soft and rigid material. It is can be used for injection, blow molding, film blowing etc.

This production line has different capacity for choice.

Making efficient extrusion machines is a delicate operation and there are many variables involved, many of which can be unexpected. That's why we've always been used to managing everything directly, taking care of every phase, from the initial project to the finished product. A model that allows us to do better, clearly reducing the timescale and ensuring maximum quality at the technical-functional level while guaranteeing special attention, even when it comes to product design.

For us, work doesn't conclude with the sale, but continues within a long-term collaboration aimed at constantly improving on-site production lines, in a virtuous cycle that generates value by creating development

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