Born from Bausano experience and on-going research of technologies and solutions with constantly increasing levels of performance, the new MD Plus extruders for plastic materials improve line productivity and reduce costs and energy consumption.

The evolution of Bausano mechanics

Twin Screw Extruders Bausano


  1. Pressure transducer
  2. Multistage and thermocontrolled screws with speed variation
  3. Degassing
  4. Stainless steel double jacket barrel protection
  5. Electronic level for hopper stop
  6. Revolving stainless steel hopper for easy cleaning
  7. Screw conveyor dispenser
  8. Exclusive and patented MultiDrive transmission system
  9. Thrust bearing loading cell with two alarm thresholds
  10. Asynchronous motors connected to an inverter
  11. Screw thermostat control unit
  12. Thrust bearing with high load capacity
  13. Oil circulation pump with filter and heat exchanger
  14. Touch-screen plc control panel

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Twin Screw Extruders Bausano


Bausano twin-screw extruders are equipped with the innovative and patented MULTIDRIVE 4x2 transmission system. Motion distribution on four different points increases the duration of shafts and gear box, and thus the general reliability of the extruder. This results in an increase in power available on screws and a reduction of energy consumption at the same performance.

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Twin Screw Extruders Bausano



Single static frequency converter. Both mechanical and electronic synchronism makes motor rotation more constant and increases the machine efficiency.

Frequency converter

Chosen for the motorisation of the MD Plus twin-screw extruders, it guarantees the same speed of the four motors, greater energy savings, lower installation and maintenance costs, more solidity and durability over time and perfect power distribution across all motors.

Thrust system

The multi-stage thrust bearings used on these machines make it possible to triple the dynamic load and make the extruders ideal for managing high production levels.


Possibility of customising the machines with different supply systems: gravimetric, volumetric and multicomponent.

PLC touch screen

Each extruder mounts a PLC control panel with touch-screen, with the possibility of controlling each phase remotely.

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Other items of interest


Single Screw Extruders Bausano

Reliable and extremely versatile, Bausano single-screw extruders from E-GO series are designed for transformation of thermoplastic polymers such as polyolefins (HDPE, PP), styrene polymers (PS, ABS), methacrylates (PMMA), polycarbonates (PC) and for extrusion of PVC from granules.



Each line is modular and customisable in every single detail thanks to Bausano accessories and machines: the best technology is made available to the customer to ensure high productivity and consistent performance over time.



Bausano twin-screw extruders are equipped with the innovative patented MULTIDRIVE 4x2 drive system, designed and produced to eliminate torsional stress on the control shafts and split stress and transmitted torque.


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