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Bausano MD series twin screw extruders

MD Plus Series
Twin-screw Extruders

MD Plus Series:
A step forward, since 1982

The innovative technology of our extruders allows us to create versatile lines for the processing of plastic and new thermoplastic materials.

Completely customisable lines, whose winning feature is their ability to adapt perfectly to any technical need. We also offer ongoing support, which starts during the pre-sales analysis phase and continues with a reliable and comprehensive assistance and supply service.

twin screw extruders MD plus diagram



Single static frequency converter. Both mechanical and electronic synchronism makes the motor rotation more constant and increases the machine efficiency.

Frequency converter

Chosen for the motorisation of our extruders, it guarantees the same speed of the four motors, greater energy savings, lower instal lation and maintenance costs, more solidity and durability over time and perfect power distribution across all motors.

Thrust system

The multi-stage thrust bearings used on MD twin screw extruders make it possible to triple the dynamic load and make the extruders ideal for managing high production levels.

Feeding systems

It is possible to equip each machine with customized feeding systems. This ensures adjusting the layout of the line and its technical characteristics to the material to be processed and to any specific production requirement.

PLC touch screen

Each extruder mounts a PLC control panel with touch screen, with the possibility of controlling each phase remotely. Moreover, algorithms and mathematic formulas allow processing the energy consumption.

Cooling System

The correct thermoregulation of the barrels and screws is the key to obtain high quality extruded products. That's why we have developed an advanced, efficient cooling system, reliable at any production speed.

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