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Roscom Inc and Bausano: a consolidated partnership 
in the name of excellence PVC production

Roscom Inc.

Roscom Inc


October 2021


Multidrive Patent


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Reliability, high productivity and first-class assistance: these are the prerequisites for the successful collaboration between Bausanoa leading international player in designing and producing customised extrusion lines for the transformation of plastics – and Roscom Inc. – a specialised American company in producing a vast range of flexible and rigid PVC compounds, special blends and customised formulations, based in Croydon (PA), USA. A consolidated partnership that was founded when the US company was searching for a valid supplier of twin-screw extruders.

Production Goal

Our aim was to be able to find a plant on the market that could operate at 1,500 pounds per hour”, says Nick Lynch, President and COO at Roscom. And proceeds, “In reality, Bausano extruders have exceeded all our expectations, proving that 3,000 pounds per hour are feasible. Since then we have always relied on the excellence of its machinery, thanks to which we have produced over a billion pounds of material in our factory”.

Multidrive Patent

Roscom has 5 granulation lines based on MD 154 PLUS extruders and the Multidrive Patent is a feature that the company appreciates in particular, which is recently improved technology that allows the stress on the gears to be reduced, thereby enhancing longer motor life and reducing the risk of machine downtime. In fact, the better movement distribution guarantees greater machinery power, which in turn generates a direct benefit of reducing consumption significantly. A system that has allowed Bausano to gain great competitive advantage over all competitors in the market.

Just-in-time spare parts

Nick Lynch, Steve Poserina, respectively president and project manager of Roscom.

Another strength derived from the collaboration with Bausano is its ability to fulfil Roscom’s need, which operates 24/7, to have complete spare parts available for the entire line, with a very short lead time. Nick Lynch comments: “Some manufacturers in the United States take six to nine months to ship the spare part, with adverse repercussions in terms of productivity. With Bausano it’s different, since all the components are always available in stock”. And Steve Poserina, Roscom Project Manager, continues “After-sales assistance is an added value of fundamental importance for us: the Bausano Team responds to requests via e-mail in less than 24 hours and is always available to assist us in all our needs”.

First-class quality

Lastly, the quality and conformity of the granules also had a determining impact on the choice, which Roscom was able to verify even prior to the purchase, thanks to the Bausano testing laboratory. "We sent 20,000 pounds of 4 different dry blends to verify that the output complied with the standards required by our customers, and it was so”, continues Nick Lynch, who concludes “I have collaborated with many companies and designed several systems and I can personally assure you that Bausano is a first-class producer worldwide”.

A successful collaboration

We thank Roscom for it’s decade-long trust in our solutions. A collaboration that owes its success to the synergy established between the Technical teams of both companies, which share the desire to build long-term relationships with their partners and customers, based on mutual esteem and constant innovation”, says Clemente Bausano, Vice President.

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