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In the most advanced PVC factory in Europe, the Italian excellence stands out: 
PlastChem chooses Bausano extruders

PlastChem B.V.

PlastChem B.V.


September 2021


Smart Energy System


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PlastChem B.V., a Dutch company, specialised in producing PVC granules for extrusion and injection moulding, opens the most advanced PVC production plant of all Europe in Hardenberg, the Netherlands, and once again relies on Bausano extruders. The Company, already operating an MD 158 Nextmover granulation line and the model MD 66 Nextmover for its laboratory tests, is renewing its partnership with Bausano for two additional lines for the new site, which shall ensure a high output per kg/h, consistent quality and reduced energy consumption. 

Tradition & Innovation

PlastChem is an internationally successful company offering proven know-how in plastics applications, developed over more than 30 years of activity. Its strength lies in its constant ability to renew and enhance its processes, guaranteeing consistently perfect compounds according to the specific shape and specifications required by customers for outputs of tens of thousands of tonnes of extruded PVC granules per year.

Custom designed high-performance machines

In such a context, Bausano stands out as the only partner that can address the customisation requirements to treat PlastChem exclusive blends. In particular, its expertise has made a difference in the design of high-performance machines with high energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint. 

State-of-the-art technology

Tom Baveld, Chief Operating Officer PlastChem

“Bausano is an invaluable partner for the growth of our company, both in terms of its high added-value consultancy and its continued support and problem-solving speed”, Tom Baveld continues “For this reason, we have undertaken a long-term collaboration involving both companies working together to find the best solution, enabling to adopt the best practices and the most advanced and efficient technologies to increase its competitiveness in the market”, he then adds. “Clear evidence of this is the expansion of our equipment, with two additional granulation lines, on the opening of our new production site”, he concludes. 

Bausano innovations and sustainability

More specifically, Bausano achieves these milestones thanks to the technological innovations featured in the new MD Nextmover models. Such innovations include the Smart Energy System, the electromagnetic induction technology designed by Bausano and chosen by PlastChem for its lines, which guarantees faster and more homogeneous heating of the barrel and the material processed, resulting in a 30-35% decrease in consumption. A further plus is the Digital Extruder Control 4.0: an innovative system, which monitors all the plant production parameters and energy efficiency, to meet the Industry 4.0 latest vertical integration requirements.

Reducing the impact on the environment

Alfeo Bonato, Bausano Technical Sales Manager, comments: “We would like to thank PlastChem for their continued confidence in our solutions, which are designed to increase the Company’s performance and reduce its impact on the environment”. “A result made possible thanks to the synergistic collaboration of our technicians with the client’s team, a distinctive element of the organisational model adopted by Bausano and based on complete customer satisfaction”, he concludes.  

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