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Turin-Catania axis: a solid collaboration that unites 
Bausano e IPL for over twenty year




June 2021


New pipe die head generation


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When we talk about IPL (Industria Plastica La Scala) Srl, we are referring to a SME based in Belpasso (CT) that is in business in the plastics market for forty years. In the past and still today, IPL focuses its production on pipes for various applications (e.g. for sewage or drainage, cable ducts, fittings for the building industry) thanks to Bausano’ s equipment. The product of excellence made by IPL Srl consists of PVC pipes for exhaust ducts with diameters from 32 to 500 millimetres, manufactured in compliance with UNI EN standards in full respect of the environment.

Circular Economy

It is important to emphasise that IPL Srl focuses on reducing the environmental impact of its production cycle by making waste recovery and the circular economy its path to success. The circular economy is a model of production and consumption that involves reusing existing materials and products for as long as possible, extending their life cycle and minimizing waste. PVC waste, milled and reprocessed, re-enters the economic cycle and continues to generate value.

A growing collaboration

The collaboration between the two companies began at the end of the 1990s following the purchase of a first extruder to produce PVC pipes, destined to become the first of many lines purchased over the years. Over the last twenty years, in fact, Bausano's production lines have become more and more numerous, allowing IPL Srl to further increase its internal production. In chronological order, the last Bausano line equipped with the new generation of pipe heads became part of the customer's machine park in June 2021.The partnership, which has been established and strengthened over time, is based on cooperation and assistance in dealing with problems arising during the life cycle of the systems.

La Partnership

Sergio La Scala - Presidente di IPL Srl

"Bausano has also cooperated with us during some difficult moments due to technical problems on the extrusion lines caused by incorrect handling. Bausano immediately made itself available to solve these problems."
"The Bausano lines have been very reliable for us, they have given us a guarantee of success, continuity of work, assistance and proximity even though they are in Turin, and we are in Catania," continues La Scala, "all our requests have been immediately answered.”

Bausano’s added value

One of Bausano’s strengths that IPL Srl's recognizes is definetly the multitouch screen installed on the extruders which displays every parameter of the operating machine. Thanks to Digital Extruder Control 4.0 it’s possible to monitor energy consumption and the performance of the entire end-of-line.

For this reason, in conclusion, Mr. La Scala says: "The panels installed on the machines are large enough to allow rapid and functional display of the data. The fact that they are touch screens is certainly an advantage in terms of simplifying the sequences to be carried out. The parameters referring to the machine and to the end of the line allow a quick and clear understanding of the information, giving excellent results in terms of reliability, operation and safety of the plant".

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