Perfection is in the details: from electric or electronic to mechanical components, from touch-screen monitors to appearance of elements and lines, for us everything is tailored to the specific needs of the customer. We devote time and attention to the care of every slightest detail in our products, to reach the maximum efficiency and ensure reliability in the long term.


    We gather data, analyse requests and take note of the needs and objectives of the customer both in the short and long term.

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    After analysing the request and gathering the necessary information, we proceed with a detailed analysis of the extrusion project, making our experience in the field of thermoplastic processing available to the Customer.


    We design our extrusion lines with the same goals every day:

    • development of solutions that solve the everyday problems of people working in this sector;
    • efficiency and reduction of energy consumption and production scraps;
    • enhancing of our systems, ensuring a long useful life;
    • electronic simplification of machine control panels, to make them easy to use also for non-specialised operators.
What do you need to produce?

We are happy to receive information about the characteristics of your project. Together we can assess the technology needed to make it happen.

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    It really happened

    See some of the cases of intervention on extrusion plants in our 70 years of history that we remember as being akin to "Mission Impossible".