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Technology and Human Capital 75 years of Technological Innovation

Bausano is

Bausano is a family company that has been designing and producing extrusion lines for plastics processing since 1946. For more than 70 years we have focused on quality and have stood out for the flexibility and attention given to every single need of each customer. During the design stage we study the best solutions for your business, customising our machines with you, who choose our company as your partner.

Bausano is

The history, the people and the expertise in the production of our extrusion lines are only a part of the added value that distinguishes our Company.
Bausano works also with entrepreneurs specially in the conception and development of new ideas stages. We produce extrusion lines specifically developed from innovative projects, building everything you need to implement your business idea.
Our Company is widespread worldwide and is able to supply and reach any country, thanks to a team of specialised consultants at your service. We ship our machines all over the world.

Bausano is

Bausano productions are based on cutting-edge, constantly evolving technologies. Thanks to the Multidrive patent, the revolutionary drive system that has redefined the production quality system, we are innovators that work every day to design extrusion lines that are increasingly efficient in terms of productivity and energy consumption. Believing in imagination, which pushes the company to improve day by day, Bausano always looks forward, without setting any limit.

Bausano is

Bausano is above all synonymous with innovation. We design and implement lines based on the integration between mechanical technologies and ICT: smart remote control and intuitive human-machine interface. We offer our customers the opportunity of transforming their companies into smart factories, where productivity increases and working conditions improve.

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a story over three generations

Our Journey

bausano 1946

The first steps

After the war, Clemente Bausano founded a small factory. In a few years, it began to specialise in the production of extruders for plastic materials. In an old building in the heart of Rivarolo Canavese (TO), the Costruzioni Meccaniche Clemente Bausano company was born.

bausano 1965

The new headquarters

The company grows and the small red brick factory is no longer adequate. Production moves to the outskirts of the country in a new production unit that's larger and more modern. It's still the company's headquarters today after more than half a century.

bausano 1982

Multidrive System

It's the year of technological revolution: after years of studies and experiments, the MULTIDRIVE system is patented, which improves extruder performance and durability. An innovation that will mark a turning point for the company, opening the doors to the international market.

bausano 1999

Bausano do Brasil

Growth continues with the opening of the first foreign branch in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With the aim of serving the South American market, Bausano do Brasil was established. Today it's the country's leading manufacturer in terms of the number of systems produced.

bausano 2011

Rajoo Bausano Extrusion

After Brazil, India was next, where the group's first Asian joint venture begins thanks to a partnership with Rajoo, one of the most important Indian companies for the design and construction of extrusion systems.

bausano today

A new beginning

With the plastics industry at a crossroads, Bausano is aware of the need to evolve, investing in innovative, safer and more sustainable materials and technologies. To produce value, for everyone.

Virtual Factory Tour

We will be guiding you on the virtual tour of a Bausano production facility. From desing to final assembly, you will learn about our extruders production process and discover how ideas are turned into innovations.


Bausano in the world