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Technical Profiles

Plastic technical profiles are a substitute of metal profiles and have high dimensional stability, and rigidity. They provide excellent mechanical performance, even under extreme stress and high temperatures, thanks to reinforcements, such as glass fibre and high-tenacity carbon fibre. Technical profiles are made with Bausano’s single screw extruder, namely Bausano E-GO single screw extruder.

Applications of technical profiles

Many are the technical profiles that are possible to be produced with E-GO single screw extrusion lines, like cable ducts, edging profiles or furniture and design profiles.

  • Furniture and interior design profiles are a wide market segment, with a wide range of materials and special requests for customized projects. For example, WPC or PVC profiles for furniture and design, can be used to produce ceiling panels, patio decking, threshold, or cladding profiles.
  • Cable ducts are usually used for protection of, cable for telecommunications or data transmission in offices or homes. Cable ducts are principally produced with PVC, because it is resistant but light weight.


Technical profiles need to be produced and cut with high precision, because the fitting with other products is of essential importance. E-GO Single Screw Extruder has been developed especially for the extrusion of technical profiles, so the precision and quality are assured.

Most used plastic materials for technical profiles are:

  • PVC
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • PP
  • ABS
  • WPC

Other possible productions with a Bausano single screw extruder are Roller shutters, Edge protections and Skirting boards.


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