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PVC Pipes Extrusion

Pipe extrusion is one of the applications of Bausano extruders, especially for PVC. Due to its versatile nature, cost effectiveness and an excellent record of use, PVC becomes essential to improve the quality and safety of construction materials. PVC is among the most widespread thermoplastic polymers in the world for applications in a variety of sectors, from construction to medical. One of the most practical productions is for pipe extrusion, of different type and application. Why choose PVC for pipe extrusion?

Advantages of Bausano PVC Pipe Extrusion

The PVC pipes produced by Bausano pipe extrusion lines:

  • Have good tensile and compressive strength.
  • Have good water tightness.
  • Have excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.
  • Are resistant and durable over time
  • Meet the environmental standard and are recyclable

PVC pipe applications

The applications of PVC pipes are wide and different. The main ones are: Drinking Water, Sewage & drainage and Cable ducts.

Drinking Water

Pipes for the distribution of drinking water under pressure are generally made of PVC and have a medium size diameter. The main characteristic is the long-term resistance to pressure. In fact, this kind of pipes connects drinking water reservoirs with domestic supply lines.  Generally, PVC has a good temperature resistance, and they insulate on their own not like copper that is a conductor. One of the major advantages is the corrosion resistance to water presence. For a PVC drinking water pipe there is needed less energy in the extrusion process it due to the light weight of this product. The transportation is also easier than copper thanks to the light weight of PVC pipes. Last, but not less important, PVC drinking water pipes are recyclable with Bausano extrusion lines to produce new and equal quality products.

Sewage & Drainage

Sewage and drainage pipes are produced for the collection and evacuation of wastewater. They generally have a large diameter and can be made of compact PVC or have structured walls because they are intended to be buried horizontally in the ground. The market for drainage and sewage pipe is more and more strict and demanding of quality and solidity. These kinds of pipes are used to remove rain from the streets but are used also for construction and building. The pipes need to be of high quality and robust to transport waste and withstand the pressure of water transport. In addition, PVC drainage pipes can often be installed without heavy equipment reducing the time required for connecting the parts and the overall cost of project. Like for any kind of pipe, PVC sewage & drainage pipes are not expensive, are corrosion resistant and have high pressure tolerance, moreover they are easy to transport and install in site.

Cable Ducts

Protection of power lines, cable for telecommunications or data transmission is more than ever critical nowadays. Pipes for cable protection are generally made of compact PVC. The PVC Protection Pipe guarantees reliability, security and is easy to install. The PVC cable ducts can be corrugate, smaller in size or smooth pipes. The sectors of interest for the PVC cable ducts extrusion are:

  • Automotive sector,
  • Electrical industry or
  • Construction sector

The most important characteristic of PVC cable ducts is that it must have a good external protection. Bausano’s pipes, or cable ducts in PVC material are of high quality, light and offer an excellent external protection, so that the electrical cables are protected from being damaged.

Depending on the project, material and customer needs Bausano is ready to offer you an efficient and excellent Extruder for PVC pipes.


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