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Extrusion lines for production of Medical Tubes, Bags and Sheets

The medical industry requires instruments that are safe, reliable, and custom-designed for processing of PVC and other non-toxic materials for sanitary use permissible under the Pharmacopoeia regulations. Thanks to the single screw and twin screw extruder technology and the wide range of accessories, Bausano off ers several solutions, all customisable, for the implementation of systems featuring high production and maximum efficiency.


Medical tube

The technology of MD and E-GO extruders ensures the thermal and plasticising stability at any production output.

Medical Bag

Special heads and calibration systems with water cooling allow obtaining tubular elements for medical bags.

Medical Sheet

Thanks to the satin finish of the inner side, the two internal walls of the pocket do not adhere, facilitating their separation during use and ensuring greater safety.

What do you need to produce?

We gather data, analyse requests and take note of the needs and objectives of the customer both in the short and long term.



Bausano extruders are tested to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and multiple sectors of hospital medicine. Thanks to constant quality control and strict internal production standards, our systems are designed to comply with current national and international legislation.

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