Extrusion lines for medical PIPES, POCKETS and SHEETS

The medical industry requires instruments that are safe, reliable, and custom-designed for specific processing of PVC and other non-toxic materials for sanitary use permissible under the Pharmacopoeia regulation. Thanks to the single-screw and twin-screw extruder technology and the wide range of accessories, Bausano offers several solutions, all customisable, for the implementation of systems featuring high production and maximum efficiency.

The characteristics of the medical sector lines


Bausano extruders are tested to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and multiple sectors of hospital medicine. Thanks to constant quality control and strict internal production standards, our systems are designed to comply with current national and international legislation. For over 70 years our machines have been transforming thermoplastic polymers into high-tech products for the medical sector.

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Bausano extrusion lines for the medical sector are designed to optimally process the raw materials allowed by pertinent health regulations.

  • PVC;
  • EVA;
  • PHI, FU, DAB, USP and others from the Pharmacopoeia code.

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A wide range of modular elements and equipment is available to set up customised lines for medical products.

  • Co-extrusion heads for special medical grade pipes and extruders;
  • Water cooling tanks and calibration systems;
  • Calendering devices;
  • Automatic, semiautomatic and manual take off and winder machines.

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