Extrusion lines and solutions
for the plastics industry

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MD PLUS series twin-screw extruders and TM range single-screw extruders, together with the accessories that complete Bausano lines, allow the production of several types of product: from large cross-section rigid pipes to small diameter flexible pipes, from single-layer to multiple-layer pipes, from smooth to corrugated pipes.

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Thermoplastic granules are the result of a special extrusion process, set up using cutting-edge technologies and under the supervision of a strict quality control. Bausano produces extrusion lines suitable for production of compounds starting from virgin or recycled material. Each line can be fully customised in order to meet the customer’s needs.




The technological development of Bausano MD series twin-screw extruders and the long-standing experience in the field of plastics processing allow us to offer our customers complete lines for the production of rigid and flexible profiles with different weight and size: from a few grammes to several kilogrammes/metre; from a few millimetres to over one metre in width.

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With Bausano POLYWOOD technology, it is possible to obtain profiles composed of wood powder up to 80%, with features that make them better than wood in terms of reliability, performance and production costs. Bausano also produces systems for the manufacture of WPC granules, which in turn can be transformed in finished product through moulding or extrusion.

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The medical industry requires instruments that are safe, reliable, and custom-designed for specific processing of PVC and other non-toxic materials for sanitary use permissible under the Pharmacopoeia regulation. Thanks to the single-screw and twin-screw extruder technology and the wide range of accessories, Bausano offers several solutions, all customisable, for the implementation of systems featuring high production and maximum efficiency.

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